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The Top 20 Proficiency Skills For Career & Business 

A secret toolbox of proficiency skills will help you build greater leverage towards more rewarding and fulfilling personal and career growth.

Discover secret proficiency skills for the workplace

Soft skills have become one of the most significant and powerful tools to help individuals gain advantages in career development and job security. This course is designed to help you obtain specialist knowledge to progress your career in an ever-changing job environment. Our course provides real-world knowledge and practical skills needed to thrive in today's challenging world.

  • Fresh graduates and young professionals are struggling to find jobs mainly because of lacking work experience. There is a gap between academic skills and the necessary workplace skills.

  • More employers are looking for staff with a hands-on combination of hard and soft skills.

  • Upgrading the current skills will be one of the fastest routes to higher recognition and paychecks.

Why you need this course?

Modules of study

Module 1: Mindset -What are the 3R’s? - How to break away from your limiting self-beliefs?

Module 2: The "3 laws" that adds value to your career and professional life -

                 The law of reciprocity

                 The law of self-learning

                 The law of compensation

Module 3: The 3 most complex personality types to build rapport and trust

Module 4: The 3 etiquette skills that work in your favour every time

Module 5: The 3 cultural business skills to achieve win-win outcomes

Module 6: The 3 most problematic work situations(clients/bosses)

Module 7: The 3 most powerful words to use to gain positive buy-in

Module 8: The top 3 interview tips to ace your desired new job


8 weeks

Key learning outcomes

​You will reap immense benefits from my self made trials and success stories, and you will have a simplified roadmap on:

  • How to achieve more success by reframing your mindset

  • Re-learning and refreshing your personalised 3R’s

  • Developing empowering leadership qualities within you

  • Building more self-confidence and impactful presentation skills

  • Recognising key areas of personal development that upscales you to your higher potential

Key benefits of AusAsia's online learning

Your learning, your rules

  • Courses are divided into 8 weekly module and activities, but you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you like.

  • Learn through a mix of presentations, videos, audios, and practical activities. In each module, you will find a presentation lesson, and there will be audio to help you understand the context of the slides. Just click next once you are ready to move forward, and it’s always possible to come back if you miss any point. There will be a quiz by the end of each module to test your knowledge.

  • Stay motivated by using the progress bar to keep track of your percentage of completion.

Join a global classroom

  • Experience the power of online learning and receive mutual support and benefit of learners from all over the world

  • Share ideas with your peers and course instructor on every step of the course using an on-lesson discussion tab on the top right corner.

  • Join the conversation by reading and replying to comments from others

Map your progress (road maps of progressive achievement)

  • As you work through the course, use the progress bar and course agenda panel on the left to guide your learning

  • Whenever you’re ready, mark each step as complete, you’re in control

  • Complete 100% of course steps and all of the assessments to earn your certificate

When would you like to start?

​Start straight away and learn at your own pace.

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  • Access to all learning contents (presentations, audios and quizzes)

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  • Access to all learning contents (presentations, audios and quizzes)

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  • Digital certificate of achievement

  • Group virtual coaching and Live Q&A session value at USD$299.

  • 10% referral gift reward

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